The Anarchast: Jim Bell Conversation #2

You didn't build that. th at
Thu Nov 2 12:48:00 PDT 2017

> grarpamp grarpamp at
> Thu Nov 2 10:49:07 PDT 2017

> Jim Bell
> second interview
> $5B coin increase in 24h
> ;)
Do you know how this shit works, shillanon ?

Jim Bell, Stautist, is not responsible for the current rise in Bitcoin
value.  He was not responsible for the rise in August, either.

The price will rise until, and possible after, 16 November fork.
Just as it did 1 August fork.

Normies not knowing/comprehending/caring will keep BTC the major chain.
Mechanical failure causing economic catastrophe, which can, and will, be
manufactured in.

This is know as the 'Normie Effect'.

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