John Newman jnn at synfin.org
Wed Nov 29 20:25:24 PST 2017

Does anyone have any experience with a YubiKey? Specifically using it
with the PAM module you can download from their site and tying it to
logins for Linux/*BSD/MacOS ?

I've got lots of experience (from jobs) using RSA SecurID tokens, tying
them to sshd/login/sudo/etc with pam and the securid PAM module, and it
works really well.. I understand YubiKey is not going to print out a
stream of changing digits for me, but nor will it require an RSA SecurID
server and all that goes along with it.. And also I've read you can
store your GPG private keys on the yubikey, which sounds cool.

Is it worth the buy? Anyone using it for any of the above (or other)
purposes? I suppose I should do some more reading, just curious if
anyone loved it or hated it or whatever..


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