Reclaim the Rainbow - self identify as a PoC and get a Brown University scholarship

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Wed Nov 29 15:47:28 PST 2017

So Brown University is going all-in on "everything is a social
construct, muh feelz is all that matters":

 Brown University Will Allow Students to ‘Self-Identify’
 as a Person of Color

One wonders whether self-identifying as a person of White color would
assist in the minority benefit stakes?

If being a "Yellow" Chinese is now "a minority entitled to benefits",
how many Whites have to be killed in order for the Huwaites to be
able to 'legitimately' claim minotiry status?

Or can Whites only be minorities if they're also gender uncertain?

Perhaps we need a new color/ minotiry status - "snowflake uniqueness"
- easy to claim, no one would dispute it, and applies equally to

Can political beliefs classify one for minority benefits at my local
university?  "Yeah, death to all governments! - now where's my social
studies scholarship?!"

You know my gram pa said all them years back, that social constructs
are nothing but a dang social construct!

Only thing he added after that was "yo", then bit the dust bemoaning
Japanese trannies from Brazicuador.


ASCII pic of a 240⨠18.5V AC→DC transformer, Japanese design.
The "Made in Brazicuador" sticker was a bit too big to fit...

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