[SEX] The anti-male ‘sexquisition’ is ripping western society apart

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Thu Nov 23 20:15:26 PST 2017

The anti-male ‘sexquisition’ is ripping western society apart
(The Unz Review) – A burly unattractive woman in her late fifties or
sixties, dyed hair, pearl laces around wrinkled neck, tearfully
relating a story of unwanted sexual attention that maybe occurred
many years ago, presents a most embarrassing sight. Perhaps once
Beverly Young Nelson was young and pretty, and could awake passion in
a man’s loins, but that was long time ago. And still this awkward
creature effectively had stopped the suspect, Roy Moore from Alabama,
from winning an election.

If this old crow were to claim she loaned Moore a hundred dollars
thirty years ago and demanded it back with accrued interest, she
would be laughed out of court. Where was she until now, where is the
proof, people would say. Why nobody asks this question now, when the
political career of the man is at stake? How could it be that a few
unsubstantiated claims can ruin a man?

Moreover, this person has a name and a face, if an ugly one, but in
many cases, the accuser remains anonymous, hidden by a letter, while
the accused has a name, and a face, and often he had a job until this
accusation. Only the Inquisition had similar features, with anonymous
sources and obscure charges. Now we have sexquisition.

Is it a purely American phenomenon? A payback for Salem, where a
similar spasm of mass paranoia caused a small New England town to
hang some twenty women accused of witchcraft?

In Salem, men hunted witches; just three hundred years passed, and
now witches hunt men.

Alas, no, it is a world-wide epidemic.

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