United States President Donald J. Trump is the Savior of Western Civilization.

Dear Diary ifyouaref at getbackinthe.kitchen
Fri Nov 17 16:16:00 PST 2017

> Cecilia Tanaka cecilia.tanaka at shemale.com
> Thu Nov 16 15:14:40 PST 2017

> Trump is corrupt

Prove it.

> garbage fire

Most garbage fires are permitted and controlled organic matter fires.
Like at the tree farm you live by. Stupid analogy when meant as you
intended.  Though an accurate analogy when you liken his actions to
"slash and burn" farming.  A form of controlled chaos.  Next comes
Thoth.  Then the Fourth Reich.

> He is raping the USA
> their best values
> their own people

Prove it.  And provide a definition of rape.

> is fucking America publicly

Prove it.

Since you can't prove any of your claims, please stop posting here until
you stop lying.

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