ICE confirmed using cell site simulators to capture undocumented immigrants

M373 M373 at
Wed May 31 22:58:54 PDT 2017

> Given the military-industrial-surveillance complex and that a moderately
> skilled hacker can construct one, they are no doubt in use by private
> security and intelligence agencies, as well, with G4S and
> Academi/Xe/Blackwater certainly coming to mind.
TigerSwan, a competitor to Academi and G4S, (unsurprisingly) may need to
be added to this list per the documents released by The Intercept.

This evidence is not proof (there could potentially be other uses of the
IMEI number or they could be collecting that to pass on to government
entities that then IMEI/IMSI numbers through their catchers), but is
certainly suggestive:
(pg 19 of the 5 Nov sitrep)

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