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On Tue, May 30, 2017 at 08:30:00PM -0400, Steve Kinney wrote:
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> My take-away from having just watched the film:
> In Risk, Poitras burns Jacob Applebaum by presenting accusations against
> him with no mention of the content or context of those accusations.  Nor
> is there any mention of dissenting voices from within the TOR Project
> itself regarding the libelous JakeGate narrative, or the toxic TOR
> Project workplace environment.  In the wake of the organized online
> assault against Applebaum led by fellow employees, the TOR Project has
> replaced its board of directors and moved offices across the country in
> an apparent effort to clean house.
> In the film, Poitras states that she has personal knowledge confirming
> that Applebaum is a Bad Person, with no mention of specific incidents or
> sources:  She essentially says that she has heard gossip.  Apparently
> that's all the proof a fearless crusading journalist needs.  Maybe she
> has a problem with the Feminist Thing, Male Pigs etc.; I also noted that
> the film makes no mention of the alleged victim of Julian Assange who
> has very publicly stated that he did not assault her in any way.

Here in Australia, we have what are called CTOs or Community
Treatment Orders, which can vary from "must present self to
psychiatrists regularly and must voluntarily consume oral
psychotropic medication (or be subject to involuntary incarceration
in a "psychiatric hostpital"", to involuntary "depot" psychotropic
medication injections which last a full two weeks before another
involuntary depot is applied to your physical body.

Now the most interesting factoid arose yesterday - risk to ones
(personal) reputation was enough in a recent case for the "Doctor"
presiding over this person I supported, to stop that person from
continuing their journey that day to work, and further, to be
thereafter subject to immediate involuntary depot psychotropic
injection - this person presented a "scattered mental state and was
physically unkept".

SO, Poitras is likely to have presented herself to the outside world
in a physically unkempt way, and by heeding and subsequently spouting
baseless rumours, she is certainly damaging her personal reputation,
significantly so.

It is abundantly clear that Laura Poitras is a psychiatric basket
case who is a great danger to her personal reputation, and must
therefore be immediately put on "depot" psychiatric medication in
order to normalise her mental state.


> In the film, Poitras fully endorses and actively propagandizes the
> Russian Hacking narrative.  She could not have produced a more
> persuasive Public Information announcement if it had been written and
> directed by whatever compartments at CIA and DOJ are responsible to sell
> it to the public.

More evidence of in fact, severe personal reputation damage.

> The very newsworthy and /anomalous/ $20k reward offered by Assange for
> information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever shot Seth
> Rich in the back is not mentioned in the film.  In this film Poitras
> does not question the identity of the DNC leaker; the Director of the
> FBI have spoken and that's good enough for her, rebel outsider that she
> is.

FBI communication evidences a clear disconnect with her reality.

> In Risk, The Intercept and its star attractions maintain their brand
> consistency, pretending to advocate for transparency with regard to
> crimes in high places.  This image is somewhat at odds with the fact
> that they actually "intercept" leaked data before it reaches the public
> and put it under lock and key:  Only a small fraction of the documents
> they have been handed have ever been published.

Inability to distinguish facts (from propaganda) - a decided mentally
problematic state.

> Poitras is anything but a disinterested third party with regard to
> reporting on Wikileaks:  They are her business rivals.  Greewald & Co.
> are being paid /very/ well to reduce the impact of leaked US/NATO/FVEYE
> and related documents on the organizations whose criminal actions they
> expose.  They publish only enough bits and pieces to establish public
> credibility as fearless crusading journalists, and promote NeoLiberal
> propaganda narratives to a faithful U.S. audience of self-identifying
> Progressive Liberals.

And she is evidently "lacking self awareness of her mental

Sounds like Laura Poitras is a pretty severe and quite concerning
case - and certainly a great danger to her personal reputation.

Case closed, lock her up.


> Sam Esmail, creator of Mr. Robot, is listed as an executive producer in
> the closing credits of Risk.  Small world innit?  I would love to have
> been a fly on the wall...
> :o)

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