how to best organise a large community "important" books library?

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Sat May 27 19:42:18 PDT 2017

On 05/27/2017 08:07 PM, Razer wrote:
> You're discussing books. It doesn't matter if they're paper or PDF or
> DocX. The assumption is you want to categorize them by their CONTENT
> which is what the LoC and Dewey Decimal system do.

And now that I look again, LoC is probably a better system for this
purpose, if for the only reason the Dewey system is supposed to be
licensed by libraries using it.

Yes, it's weird to group geography, anthropology, and recreation under
one main category, but I'm not sure there's a better place for it under
the other broad categories. It's much the same problem as the
shortcomings of the original Encyclopedia of Chess Openings scheme of
classifying chess openings has started to show its limitations, with a
lot of codes being devoted to openings no longer played and a lot of
lines of common openings being stuck under the exact same code. Thus the
reason for the unofficial "Scid extensions" etc.

If neither LoC nor (a bootleg use of) Dewey fit your needs, there's
always the option of rolling your own.

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