Snowden defends Comey

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On 05/22/2017 08:23 PM, Cecilia Tanaka wrote:
> On Mon, May 22, 2017 at 6:48 PM, Dr. Carl W. Greer
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>> Snowden defends Comey
>>> Cecilia Tanaka cecilia.tanaka at
>>> Fri May 19 05:48:35 PDT 2017
>>> please respect her choices, her freedom, her life.
>>> The same about all transgenders, please.
>> If you cared at all about mannning's life, you would not defend the path
>> that he has taken.  Unless you think it is a good thing when a "white" male
>> cuts his dick off.  Is that what you want C&Canon, to have Bradley cut his
>> dick off ?
> Hahaha!!  Believe me, I do love dicks very much, probably much more
> than you do, hahaha!!  ;D
> With or without a dick, I want to see Chelsea happy.  Just it.  Pure
> and sincere happiness.  What matters is not her penis, but her soul.
> <3
> Two of my dearest trans friends, even after the hormonal treatment,
> decided to keep their penises, because it's a very aggressive chirurgy
> and they don't feel prepared for it yet.  After psychological therapy,
> after understanding better what they were feeling and accept their
> inner self, they feel more comfortable in their bodies now and are
> restructuring their self-esteem, learning more about themselves.
> They probably will make the adaptation chirurgy in the next years, but
> now is more important to search for harmony, serenity, inner peace.
> The psychological and medical treatment, the love of their families,
> friends, and partners, the personal acceptance of their bodies and its
> respective changes, these intense and deep feelings are more important
> than simply cut a penis off.

...Though i have to say it is HILARIOUS to see insecure men squirm when
they think about anyone losing their precious PENIS.

LOL !!! HaHaHa Ha !

I think someone is crossing their legs !

-- M

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