Snowden defends Comey

\0xDynamite dreamingforward at
Tue May 23 05:43:42 PDT 2017


You know the REAL truth of Bradley/Chelsea Manning?  S/He DOESN'T
exist.  It's all a creation from the Matrix, the all-seeing-eye.

I know this, because the story is ME.  This is the fallout when I was
holding the 2012 Mayan prophesy with the stength of the US military,
but then declined.  The media wizards just didn't have a clue what had
happened, and this story was created.

It's a little more elaborate than that, but believe me, s/he doesn't
exist.  Poof->


On 5/23/17, \0xDynamite <dreamingforward at> wrote:
>>>> OTOH, Chelsea Manning,
>>> You mean, Bradley Manning?
>>>> I suspect, due to her involvement
>>> HIS involvement.
>> Chelsea is a very beautiful woman, my dear, and after years of prison
>> and deep and cruel psychological torture, she is finally feeling
>> happy.  You don't need to 'love' her, but please respect her choices,
>> her freedom, her life.
> Reasoning: You don't need to love Hitler either, but respect his
> choices, HIS freedom, his life.
> You are STOOPID.
>> The same about all transgenders, please.  Thanks!
> They are NOT transgender.  Please stop insulting women!  do you think
> they somehow inherit all the problems and uterus of a women just
> because "they feel like they are truly a woman inside" when THEY piss
> out their FUCKING DICK?
> Fucking idiots!
> Marxos

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