Manchester explosion

Mirimir mirimir at
Mon May 22 23:13:20 PDT 2017

On 05/22/2017 12:31 PM, jim bell wrote:
> I am reminded of some experiments I did around 40-45 years ago,
> filling relatively small  (1 foot diameter) balloons with
> stoichiometric
> mixtures of hydrogen and oxygen (or another fuel gas and oxygen,
> example propane), if ignited they produce remarkably loud-sounding,
> and yet low-pitched "booms":  Sounded like a huge explosion done a
> long distance away.  Yet, there was no possibility of shrapnel,
> other than a thin rubber membrane. This could easily scare people
> in a crowded venue, causing panic and crushing crowds.
> Perhaps this explains what is being reported as happening in the
> Manchester arena.
>               Jim Bell

Yes, I did that as a kid. I used much larger plastic bags, however. But
propane and air, because that's what I had.

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