Snowden defends Comey

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Mon May 22 17:23:19 PDT 2017

On Mon, May 22, 2017 at 6:48 PM, Dr. Carl W. Greer
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> Snowden defends Comey
>> Cecilia Tanaka cecilia.tanaka at
>> Fri May 19 05:48:35 PDT 2017
>> please respect her choices, her freedom, her life.
>> The same about all transgenders, please.
> If you cared at all about mannning's life, you would not defend the path
> that he has taken.  Unless you think it is a good thing when a "white" male
> cuts his dick off.  Is that what you want C&Canon, to have Bradley cut his
> dick off ?

Hahaha!!  Believe me, I do love dicks very much, probably much more
than you do, hahaha!!  ;D

With or without a dick, I want to see Chelsea happy.  Just it.  Pure
and sincere happiness.  What matters is not her penis, but her soul.

Two of my dearest trans friends, even after the hormonal treatment,
decided to keep their penises, because it's a very aggressive chirurgy
and they don't feel prepared for it yet.  After psychological therapy,
after understanding better what they were feeling and accept their
inner self, they feel more comfortable in their bodies now and are
restructuring their self-esteem, learning more about themselves.

They probably will make the adaptation chirurgy in the next years, but
now is more important to search for harmony, serenity, inner peace.
The psychological and medical treatment, the love of their families,
friends, and partners, the personal acceptance of their bodies and its
respective changes, these intense and deep feelings are more important
than simply cut a penis off.

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