China hacks US CIA, Kills 20 Informants

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Sun May 21 19:55:29 PDT 2017

On Sun, 21 May 2017 22:36:52 -0400
grarpamp <grarpamp at> wrote:

> Both the CIA and the FBI declined to comment on reports saying the
> Chinese government killed or imprisoned 18 to 20 CIA sources 

	sounds like propaganda - the source is obviously a US gov't
	propaganda outlet. 

> from 2010
> to 2012 and dismantled the agency's spying operations in the country.
> It is described as one of the worst intelligence breaches in decades,
> current and former American officials told the New York Times.
> Investigators were uncertain whether the breach was a result of a
> double agent within the CIA who had betrayed the U.S. or whether the
> Chinese had hacked the communications system used by the agency to be
> in contact with foreign sources. The Times reported Saturday citing
> former American officials from the final weeks of 2010 till the end of
> 2012, the Chinese killed up to 20 CIA sources.

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