"All fossil-fuel vehicles will vanish in 8 years..."

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Sat May 20 19:19:35 PDT 2017

> In the US, after 10 years you can no longer get many parts for you car
> from the dealer.  <---- emphasis
> They intentionally obsolete them, ostensibly to get
> allegedly 'cleaner ones' on the road, but really, force-obsoleting cars
> after 10 years instead of having ones that could run indefinitely

While legal and consumer environment may generate incentive,
carmakers have no natural incentive but to sell.
Any shit design, poor aging, or parts dropout is their own
whole car preferential sales technique.

But still, you can get limited parts selection from dealer 10+ years out,
at their price. And 30+ years on cheap aftermarket, including
complete rebuild kit for common models. Same for junkyards.

Lern2wrench. May also be net environmentally better vs production,
and much cheaper. Do the math.

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