"All fossil-fuel vehicles will vanish in 8 years..."

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On 05/17/2017 06:25 PM, juan wrote:
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> Razer <g2s at riseup.net> wrote:
>> Well all those folks LUVs them a musky SpaceX and all that YUGELY
>> expensive technogy. "Moon Bases" etc. What say we let them go, and
>> while they're up there botnet their comm system terminally so they
>> can't get back, 
> 	The plan is needlessly complex. Way better to have them at hand
> 	so that one can point a small rocket at them.

Paul Goodman, the founding father of Gestalt Therapy, speaking by
invitation to the National Security Industrial Association —a consortium
of arms manufacturers at the October 1967 “Research and Development in
the 1970s.” symposium, Washington DC:

Hehehe. They didn't know he was an... GASP! ANARCHIST!

> You are the military industrial [complex] of the United States, the
> most dangerous body of men at present in the world, for you not only
> implement our disastrous policies but are an overwhelming lobby for
> them, and you expand and rigidify the wrong use of brains, resources,
> and labor so that change becomes difficult.”
> /
> //(He continued as the audience sat in stunned silence.)/
> *“The best service you people could perform is rather rapidly to phase
> yourselves out, passing on your relevant knowledge to people better
> qualified, or reorganizing yourselves with entirely different sponsors
> and commitments, so that you learn to think and feel in a different way.**
> ****
> **Since you are most of the R&D that there is, we cannot do without
> you as people, but we cannot do with you as you are.”*
> /(laughter and booing along with scattered applause)/
> “but we believe, however, that that way of life is unnecessary, ugly,
> and un-American.”
> (Shouts from the audience: “Who are ‘we’?”)
> “We are I and those people outside...
> ...we cannot condone your present operations; they should be wiped off
> the slate.”

More: http://auntieimperial.tumblr.com/post/92438085944


> and proceed to attempt to repair the planet we're on.
>> I'm sort of attached to it. Rr
>>> Enjoy it while you got it ;)

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