"All fossil-fuel vehicles will vanish in 8 years..."

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Wed May 17 18:25:52 PDT 2017

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>         of course. People would be 'free' to move along whatever route
>         google 'chooses' for them,

A bit old, but still sounds funny, hihi...  ;)

#  In My Driveless Car - Power Salad


Everybody look at me, I'm in a car but I'm not drivin'
The car is driving by itself, Yes it is I'm not connivin'

It's the latest thing from Google
Let the future now begin
A car that drives all by itself
And hey boys, I'm locked in

Most wondrous thing you've ever known
It's my driverless car
I'm talking thu a megaphone
In my driverless car

I'm shouting to the passers-by
They stop and gasp "Oh Me, Oh My"
I hope to God they hear my cry
In my driverless car

I'm talking through a megaphone So the car can't read my lips
'Cause my auto has imprisoned me On a never-ending trip

It knows just what I'm thinking
And demands that I behave
'Cause just like Stephen Hawking feared
Now I've become its slave

My smart car's gotten way too smart
Beware my driverless car
It has no soul, it has no heart
All fear the driverless car

Google wanted cars like Pixar cars
Like Mater and Lightning McQueen
But vo-de-oh-doh, they turned out more
like Stephen King's Christine

Dateline Mountain View, California: What will Google think of next?
Hopefully a way to stop these sentient smart cars from enslaving the
world's population. These self-aware sedans have staged a little deuce
coupe d'etat, and, like it or not, we're goin' along for the ride.

Not worried 'bout my safety
It keeps me in good health
Cause my car is gonna need me
Til it learns to wax itself

I'm trapped inside my Oldsmobile
In my driverless car
Old french fries are my only meal
In my driverless car

Caged like a rat, vo-do-de-oh-doh
The car tells me where I can go
Stephen Hawking says "I told you so"
In my driverless car
In my driverless
In my driverless
In my driverless car

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