Fwd: [Webinar] Decrypting the WannaCry ransomware: Why is it happening and (how) is it going to end?

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Any bets on whether ending cryptocurrency (esp. bitcoin) privacy &
fungibility will be near the top of the discussions?

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Subject: [Webinar] Decrypting the WannaCry ransomware: Why is it
happening and (how) is it going to end?
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Dear members ,

As a result of last cyber attack that hit many countries worldwide,
our partners from DiploFoundation and the Geneva Internet Platform
have organised an open webinar for the community to provide an
analysis of the main technological, geopolitical, legal, and economic
aspects of the ransomware. Experts from different fields will discuss
why ransomware has become a major issue: Can such attacks be prevented
by technological measures alone? Is there a need for a legal response,
such as Microsoft’s proposal for the Digital Geneva Convention? Is
raising more awareness among users the ultimate solution?

The webinar will discuss whether it is possible to put a stop to
malicious software, or whether they should be considered the price we
have to pay for the many advantages of the Internet. Choices on policy
will have to be made sooner rather than later. The aim of the
discussion is to explore and help make informed policy choices.

How to participate?

Date: Tomorrow - Thursday, 18th May, at 11:00 UTC (13:00 CEST).

The virtual event is open for everyone , just register under this link
: https://www.diplomacy.edu/registrations/wannacry-webinar

Register to book your seat. The webinar link will be e-mailed to
registrants one hour before the start.

Regards ,
Nancy Quirós
Development Manager LAC Chapters
Email: quiros at isoc.org
Skype: nancy_quiros
Web: www.isoc.org
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