Angry Good Germans demand reinstatement of Gestapo chief

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Thu May 11 10:08:13 PDT 2017

On 05/11/2017 09:30 AM, Steven Schear wrote:
> If these manipulated and quasi-radicalized Muslims were smarter they
> would plan a lethal surprise for their handlers as
> AleksandrSolzhenitsyn suggested for the Soviet security people.
> Warrant Canary creator

The FBI preens Useful (literally) Idiots for this sort of thing. When
they don't, they have some fabrication to do.

For instance I wonder if they ever found the "laptop in the lake" from
that Muslim couple who shot up a SoCal bureaucrat party a few years ago?
The husband had been having some trouble previously with one of the
employees in attendance regarding his beard if I remember correctly and
it seems the feds and media managed to create a 'terror plot' from a
plain-vanilla workplace shooting simply because 'Mericans fuggotaboutit...

But about those useful idiots. "Tremble the Devil" a former DoD
counter-terror specialist wrote that up a few years ago.

He starts like this:

> It’s generally a bad idea to leave the keys to your getaway car inside
> of the carbomb you’ve just rigged with fireworks, three propane tanks,
> a couple 5-gallon jugs of gasoline, and 100 pounds of explosive
> fertilizer.
> Makes it kind of hard to get home.
> Wait wait, make that non-explosive fertilizer actually – because
> you’re too stupid to bother googling what kinds of fertilizer actually
> blow up.  
> Plus, what makes it even harder to get home is also locking your house
> keys inside of the same carbomb. 
> And it’s probably an ever worse idea to release a YouTube video
> claiming responsibility for the attack before it even happens…
> especially when your attack hinges on a bunch of fireworks left in a
> bucket igniting a bunch of explosive material that’s not even exposed
> to the air.
> But that was the modus operandi for Faisal Shahzad, just one in a long
> line of really, really stupid terrorists.
> For reasons that’ll soon grow obvious, after the successful execution
> of an FBI sting against a group of ex-cons who’d converted to radical
> Islam in prison last summer, one of the media’s favorite quotes has
> been that at least one of the men is “intellectually challenged"...

(He includes a very funny riff about the Hashisheens as one of the five)

Also see this. One of the better expositions on how the War on Drugs is

> A lot happened in 1973.
> It was a few years after Nixon slammed the gold window shut, the
> waning hours of a decapitated Civil Rights movement, and the year we
> began to disentangle ourselves from Vietnam. But it also marks the
> genesis of the War on Drugs: the year the Rockefeller Drug Laws were
> passed. And that same year something funny happened: the income gap
> between black and white began to widen back out, instead of closing –
> as it had been up until 1973.

> On May 11, 2017 9:10 AM, "Razer" <g2s at
> <mailto:g2s at>> wrote:
>     Angry "Good Germans" demand reinstatement of Gestapo chief James Comey
>     at a "James Comey Is Fired Party" outside The White House.
>     <>
>     The FBI is a Clear and Present Danger to 'American Democracy' (if
>     such a
>     thing exists at all) no matter which murderous creep runs it. They
>     completely fabricate Terror Plots, including the planning, and
>     logistics
>     of supplying weapons and explosives, to frame innocent Muslims who
>     would
>     have never done such a thing without intense pressure from their
>     operatives, and spy on US citizens for the NSA via their Data
>     Intercept
>     Technology Unit. They are the sole organization that investigates
>     their
>     own agent's murder of civilians. The FBI IS the American Gestapo, and
>     'Mericans are ANGRY their operations have been disturbed.
>     Rr

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