The Zen White Paper

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu May 11 01:28:47 PDT 2017

The only real gamble is estimating regulation.
The rest can be routed around through markets, diversify, distributed.
Regulation in most sane places comes with public notice.
Even therein, or even as a game, there is money to be had.
Players know this, and their chips are often leisure money.
But it is money... $53B of it in the top100 market cap.
That will not sit quietly when faced with a $0'ing regulation proposition.

Whatever you believe, and whether or not you're in,
the history to date makes people seem a bit foolish
to *not* redirect their next pointless discretionary
purchase worth into it... cable tv, pizza, beer, cigs,
weed, high brand products, whatever crap. Worst
case it's another pointless buy down the drain.
Best case... moon, adoption even.

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