What is the value of the State?

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>>>>> The State fully endorses the Scientician approach, as the State's
>>>>> sole function is to transfer money and power from the poor to the
>>>>> rich at the fastest practicable rate.  As always, symbolic
>>>>> "initiatives" and strongly worded press releases are sufficient
>>>>> responses to public pressure to "do something" about, for
>>>>> instance, global warming.
>>>> Well, the global-warming end-of-the-world scenario is just state
>>>> propaganda. And notice that *global* warming requires a *global*
>>>> solution, like, say, 'monitoring' and controlling the 'carbon
>>>> footprint' of every individual. Pretty convenient, the world is
>>>> saved and the whole world's population gets fully domesticated.
>>> So in short, you are telling us you don't know anything about
>>> geophysics and don't need to find out:
>>    I think I know more about physics and its manipulation by state
>>    mafias than you do.i ii
> What's your evidence that anthropogenic climate change is a massive hoax? I know we've been through this before and I don't want another flame fest.... I'm genuinely curious.

It is not exactly a hoax.  Rather, they cherry pick the evidence, 
torture the data, use nonsensical statistical methods, and reject 
unwanted evidence as error, as for example 

The Hockey stick curve is not exactly a lie.  Rather, what they did is 
use an estimate for recent twentieth century warming, and took any data 
that correlated with that during the twentieth century, declared 
anything that correlated to be a proxy for temperature, and took the 
weighted average of all these "proxies"

Since they were, for the most part, not measures of temperature, they 
tended to cancel out except for the period where they had been selected 
for correlating, thus producing a hockey stick.

If your data is random noise, and you select those noise sequences that 
rise from 1970 to 1990, and take their average, you get a hockey stick 
blade from 1970 to 1990, and everything before 1970 flat, *and* 
*everything* *after* *1990* flat, because except for the period on which 
you are selecting, everything cancels out.

Of course, as time passed, they proceeded to once again cancel out, so 
the hockey stick curve developed a sudden dip - the proxies were 
reporting that the earths temperature was falling back to its long term 
average - not because it was falling back, but because these proxies 
were not in fact proxies, but just random noise.

This was the "decline" that Mann refers to in "Mike's Nature Trick to 
hide the decline"

Which brings me to the climategate files.  I have read the climategate 
files.  It reflects not so much a conspiracy to fake up evidence of 
catastrophic anthropogenic global warming, as total lack of interest in 
whether the world is warming or not.  They are not looking for evidence 
of what is actually happening, but rather whatever can be useful in a 
political campaign.

They say, and it may well be true, that this how science is done these 
days.  If true, science died in the late forties, and what we have now 
is priests in labcoats.

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