Uber faces criminal probe over Greyball s/w used to evade regulation

Vasily Kolobkov polezaivsani at openmailbox.org
Sun May 7 06:12:17 PDT 2017

[2017-05-06 20:21] "Shawn K. Quinn" <skquinn at rushpost.com>
> Is Lyft any better? Is zTrip any better? If not, what should we use instead?

I bet on classical p2p systems. These have quite some road to walk
and definitely need all the help you can give.

Humans being humans, this ain't a magic pill, though the core
principles leave much less for them to slide back into a usual

p.s. Not a taxi you where looking for, though should you be into
selling/buying stuff - why not give OpenBazaar a try? This one seems
to be pretty usable and with no central authority.

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