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On Sun, May 07, 2017 at 12:29:57AM +0000, \0xDynamite wrote:
> >> Given that hierarchal power structures enabled and enforced by the
> >> State are the major cause of the greatest collective problems
> >> faced by the human race, the solution to the greatest collective
> >> problems faced by the human race is a bigger more powerful State!
> That is the solution for those who are enlightened.

That's the Rosicrucian position, along with the Georgian monoliths
"prediction" (intention) to reduce the world's population to ~500

EVERY next rabit bunch of bolsheviks touting "we're all equal and we
few see it, let's overthrow the mighty system" will ALWAYS descend
into tyranny.

Every truth which requires "just a few -leaders- who see the -real-
truth" is flawed by specification - if it cannot or does not apply to
us all, it cannot be a universal truth.

The belief in universalisms is at the foundation of "empire and
glory", at the foundation of colonialism and despotic subjugation of
the billions of minority humans around the world "for the greater

Can you not see this Marxos?

Is it possible that our "Christian umbrella" Western programming (the
negative sides of it) has lead us to the belief in universalism, in
"my way is the only way, or perhaps the way of an enlightened one is
the only way" - there's no "live and let live" in this type of

Lest you think I glorify dictators, think again. The only dictator I
consent to is the one who absolutely opposes all opposition to the
individual's absolute right to conscientious objection!

> The masses are
> truly the "major cause" of the greatest collective problems faces by
> the human race".  They are addicted, callous, so no empathy or
> remorse, and destructive.  I

Codsbollocks - the masses are indeed addicted, often callous and
remorseless, and destructive.  But the masses are schooled in
programs so deep, they do not know their own programming.

Education they lack, only schooling dominates.

There are humans with empathy, many, millions in fact - perhaps not a
great deal, but some indeed have a great deal of empathy.

The question is, can you inspire one or two to act in dignity and in
pursuance of human rights, in the face of their fear?

Collective action in pursuance of individual rights and sovereignty
is the only thing that will really change anything, otherwise it's
one revolvution to the next dictatorship, over and over again!

> In short, they are clinically psychopathic.

Many humans are, I agree with that. But not the majority - the
majority are programmed.

The truly, malignantly sociopathic/ psychopathic, are generally
attracted to high positions in the corporate and banking world.

> No need to blame the state,

Oh yes, yes there is! Your statement "no need to blame the state"
belies a fundamental belief in the value of the state, which is
irrational in the face of the fact that every state in the last 5 to
6 thousand years is usurped by a few to control the many, without

There are many illusions that many of us have about The State - it's
time for you to put in a bit more effort - you continue to speak in
your absolutes.

That's all very well sometimes to "go fishing" and extract out of
your co-conversationalists their opinions, and their support in
bringing clarity to your own thinking, but your absolutes can also
really piss people off, so demonstrate personal systemic laziness at
your peril of being killfiled.

> they are already part of the "super
> state" through their blind loyalty to the powers above.

Now you're mixing terms/ juxtapozing concepts - more laziness
demonstrated by you!

Time to pick up your game - although others might keep playing

> > seriously
> >
> > I was being sarcastic when I wrote that.  I figured the clown nose
> > smiley face would tip readers off.
> >
> > But if you find a way to implement a Global SuperState, by all means
> > do so, as fast and as hard as possible.  Nothing would accelerate the
> > collapse of the industrial age global economy faster,
> Exactly.  The way is already found.  It was pregnant with possibilties
> on the hackerspaces wiki under New World Order.  The thing is, it's
> miscarried due to the fight against religion by queer politics.

Why do you think queer politics (if I understand you correctly) has
been (((glorified))) and (((permitted))) by the (((powers that be)))?

> Total fuckups.  Of all the problems in the world, cocksuckers
> getting tax breaks for "gay marriage" wasn't on the fucking
> priority list.

And there you are seriously mistaken.

Take a step back, take a deep breath and try to witness that which
you have yet failed to see.

> Truth is there were four prophesies and 4 secular reasons why
> dramatic shift would occur or have to occur.   The only hangup is
> that some fucking damage has to happen to the secularists and
> Christians for their complete failure.  I mean Biblical level
> damage.

Once again, unparse-able sentence constructions. More laziness.

Good luck,

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