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\0xDynamite dreamingforward at
Sat May 6 17:29:57 PDT 2017

>> Given that hierarchal power structures enabled and enforced by the
>> State are the major cause of the greatest collective problems
>> faced by the human race, the solution to the greatest collective
>> problems faced by the human race is a bigger more powerful State!

That is the solution for those who are enlightened.  The masses are
truly the "major cause" of the greatest collective problems faces by
the human race".  They are addicted, callous, so no empathy or
remorse, and destructive.  I

In short, they are clinically psychopathic.  No need to blame the
state, they are already part of the "super state" through their blind
loyalty to the powers above.

> seriously
> I was being sarcastic when I wrote that.  I figured the clown nose
> smiley face would tip readers off.
> But if you find a way to implement a Global SuperState, by all means
> do so, as fast and as hard as possible.  Nothing would accelerate the
> collapse of the industrial age global economy faster,

Exactly.  The way is already found.  It was pregnant with possibilties
on the hackerspaces wiki under New World Order.  The thing is, it's
miscarried due to the fight against religion by queer politics.  Total
fuckups.  Of all the problems in the world, cocksuckers getting tax
breaks for "gay marriage" wasn't on the fucking priority list.

Truth is there were four prophesies and 4 secular reasons why dramatic
shift would occur or have to occur.   The only hangup is that some
fucking damage has to happen to the secularists and Christians for
their complete failure.  I mean Biblical level damage.


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