Paul Carr leaves PandoDaily a note on the dresser and no cab fare...

Razer g2s at
Sat May 6 09:35:57 PDT 2017

Correction: PandoDaily has informed me Carr IS NOT leaving the filthy
nest. The follow up he wrote sounded like he was going to be writing a
"How to milk your llama, Back to the (Gentrified, Napa) Land" column as
a freelancer.

On 05/06/2017 08:51 AM, Razer wrote:
> "For years, I've “called out” Silicon Valley's “bad apples”, but by the
> start of 2017 it was impossible to distinguish maggot from apple from
> the rotting barrel itself. My workdays were an endless perp walk of
> sociopaths, psychopaths and criminals with names like (Pando investor)
> Peter Thiel, Travis Kalanick, Emil Michael, Palmer Luckey, and Gurbaksh
> Chahal – not to mention their enablers and co-conspirators like Paul
> Graham and Sam Altman, Rachel Whetstone and Steve Hilton, Joe Lonsdale,
> Arianna Huffington, Shervin Pishevar, and a thousand more like them.
> Never mind that actually writing about these clammy-palmed monsters
> frequently made me want to punch a wall. Sometimes merely glancing at
> tech headlines was enough to make me feel physically unwell. (As I was
> writing that last sentence, Sarah called over to me: “Hey, did you hear
> about this Memphis tech exec accused of multiple rapes?” I had not.)
> Please understand I'm not being hyperbolic when I say “physically
> unwell.”  Around the time America's tech royalty made its pilgrimage to
> Trump Tower, I suddenly stopped sleeping through the night..."
> In full with lottsa links:

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