What is the value of the State?

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> The State fully endorses the Scientician approach, as the State's sole
> function is to transfer money and power from the poor to the rich at
> the fastest practicable rate.  As always, symbolic "initiatives" and
> strongly worded press releases are sufficient responses to public
> pressure to "do something" about, for instance, global warming.

	Well, the global-warming end-of-the-world scenario is just
	state propaganda. And notice that *global* warming requires a
	*global* solution, like, say, 'monitoring' and controlling the
	'carbon footprint' of every individual. Pretty convenient, the
	world is saved and the whole world's population gets fully

	The technological, fascist 'progressives' are basically
	correct when they say that all technical problems can be
	solved. So if you expect their technical plans to
	catastrophically fail, you'll wait forever. 

	Aldous Huxley - The Ultimate Revolution 


> When our propaganda industries co-opted the image of science as a
> marketing tool, this already complex and contentious field of human
> activity became a /real/ hairball.  Almost nobody who lacks formal
> training in the physical sciences stands any chance of understanding,
> much less evaluating, claims made In The Name Of Science today.

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