What is the value of the State?

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Steven and Zenaan,

Very good material.  Nice analysis of the scientism.  You'd like the
study of the Nacirema people in anthropology.

Finally people are starting to see that the worship of science was no
superior than the worship of Jesus.  Both have delayed real social
progress by almost a century.


On 5/5/17, Zenaan Harkness <zen at freedbms.net> wrote:
> On Thu, May 04, 2017 at 01:49:03PM -0400, Steve Kinney wrote:
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>> On 05/03/2017 03:27 PM, juan wrote:
>> > what's actually going on is that people with the same twisted
>> > desire for 'order' like you are embarked in the destruction or
>> > 'assimilation' of human invidivuals into some sort of 'meta
>> > organism'. Or perhaps the majority of people will be killed off
>> > when they can be replaced with machines and artificial
>> > 'intelligence'.
>> >
>> > I would have disregard that sort of cheap sci-fi scenario a couple
>> > of years ago, but now it's starting to look a lot more real...
>> The global Superstate scenario is "real" in the sense that many people
>> actually seem to believe in it, approve of it and want to make it
>> happen.  Such is the power of propaganda in the age of ubiquitous
>> broadcast communications, moving whole societies into fantasy worlds
>> designed to facilitate economic growth under a top-down command
>> hierarchy.
> "designed to facilitate economic growth"
> The Ministry is quite insidious and unfortunately demands eternal
> vigilance with our own languaging.
> All the stats show that all the "economic growth" we see is
> fundamentally transferred up the pyramid to the top 8 billionaires in
> the world.
> When we use the words "the superstate/ one world order/ new world
> order ... is designed to facilitate economic growth" normies don't
> hear the propaganda, they hear only "scientific and mathematical
> analysis" and "more golden cages with nice things for me".
> And we do have "technological and wealth advancement" - at least some
> of us in the ordained countries experience something that looks like
> this, and there is nothing wrong with creating, building, striving,
> working towards an abundant life, per se.
> BUT, the illusion and propaganda is that "the system" actually
> facilitates this wealth and prosperity that a few experience (in the
> socialist Western countries, even those dependent on the "social
> safety net" can eat cheasecake every day if they wanted to. So the
> illusion appears real.
> But the truth is, the greatest transfer of wealth from the people
> (including 'capitalists', creative individuals and hard workers) to
> the tiny group of "elite" debt based bankers, is what has happened in
> the last century or two, and as a consequence, the greatest possible
> slow down to the advancement of technology and wealth that could ever
> have been conceived
> !
> The debt based banking system is the most effective possible system
> outside of absolute physical slavery, to transfer wealth FROM the
> people, to those who own the banks.
> And a physical "literal slave state" would not be as productive, and
> would therefore transfer less wealth to the banks.
> So for the bankers, it's ultimately a win win to have something that
> appears as relatively "free market" yet in fact is far from it. Of
> course.
>> The Superstate scenario is "real" in the metaphorical sense that the
>> Internet, trans-national corporations and high speed long distance
>> transport of materials and consumer goods have already turned Homo Sap
>> into a meta-organism that behaves like a colonial fungus bent on
>> consuming the world's resources as quickly and completely as possible.
>> But the prospect of world peace and prosperity under a benevolent
>> global State is "not real at all" in the sense that the global
>> industrial economy is locked into self-destructive feedback loops
>> driven by perverse incentives.  Any Utopian plan that does not take
>> the context of a global economic collapse and human population crash
>> into account is a futile exercise in abstract speculation.
> Our conversation/ public discourse, generally ignores the massive
> white elephant in the room which we are all bumping into, blocked by,
> and so often completely discluding from our conversations: the
> Rothschilds are one family, who own most of the world's banks - the
> "reserve" banks at least.
> As the wife of one of the Rothschilds "Lords" said, if her sons did
> not want wars, there would be no wars.
> It's that simple.
> And we consent.
> We consent collectively.
> We consent tacitly.
> We tacitly consent individually.
>> We are now inside the historical singularity:  A system where the
>> exponential growth rate of change in human affairs (new discoveries,
>> technologies, etc.) has advanced too far to permit reliable long range
>> projections of future developments.  The rate of ongoing change is too
>> high, creating too many hidden variables and too much turbulence.
>> Under these conditions, even brute force solutions that seek to
>> /impose/ predictable order via murder and terrorism on global scale
>> will not yield reliable results.
> The true singularity is much simpler than you imply, and is simply
> this:
>  The Rothschilds banking family have sewn up the worlds banks
>  banks and monetary system(s) into their own hands. They quite
>  literally control most of the worlds governments as a result
>  of this
> And we wonder why Syria, Lybia, Iran and Afghanistan were on the
> "must bomb" list?
>> The only things we can predict with much confidence today are that the
>> better established laws of physics will remain intact, and that macro
>> scale human motives and behaviors that have not changed over the last
>> few thousand years will likely change slowly if at all.  Given these
> Macro as in "refusing consent is too hard, I'll just carry on in
> my gilded cage".
>> baseline factors, we /can/ predict, with some confidence, that we will
>> be dropping out of the singularity soon:  Macro scale human demand for
>> basic material commodities (including food) now exceeds the planet's
>> carrying capacity; that demand is still growing, while the rate of
>> resource exhaustion and human habitat destruction continues to accelerat
>> e.
> A human family, with access to water, can grow food and live humbly.
> Without access to water, they might fight with their neighbours, and
> they might die from starvation.
> Survival can be a humble yet successful affair, but humans are
> trained to be dissatisfied and to fight.
>> The Scientician faith and its Corporate Capitalist patrons tell us
>> that technological "quick fix" solutions will be created when and as
>> needed to keep the world as we know it intact.  Like all respectable
>> apocalyptic prophesies, those of the Scienticians are likely to be
>> reasonably accurate right up to the point where the Heavens open up
>> and Bog and all his Holy Angels come down and fix everything for us:
>> That part never happens.
> Or drop an atom or fusion bomb on the modern Soddom and Gamorrah. But
> that looks like something other than "an almight Creator" frankly.
>> I do not advise people to "give up" on anything but the status quo,
>> and I do not predict the extinction of the human species.  We are the
>> toughest weeds Nature ever made, capable of living on pack ice and
>> hard rock desert using only Neolithic technology - and loving it.  I
>> do suggest that those who are able to do so get to work devising
>> practical solutions for survival and recovery to the best available
>> New Normal.  The world's present rulers are hard at work on those
>> problems right now,
> Actually, they're hard at work gathering to themselves control over
> the current global means of exchange.
>> but their objectives center on worst case
>> scenarios where retaining their present level of power is the primary
>> objective, and everyone but themselves is expendable.  Pardon my
>> language, but fuck those people.
> [waves religious object at Zenith of sky]
>   You are pardoned.

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