What is the value of the State?

\0xDynamite dreamingforward at gmail.com
Wed May 3 08:11:32 PDT 2017

>> The solution, then, is a  META-state.  A system of order bigger and
>> better than the State.
> 	Yes. How could we have missed such an obvious solution.

Easy tiger.  Hopefully, the other posts clarify.  Obviously the State
sucks, but it sucks because of THE PEOPLE, don't forget that.  And
what is going to remain after the fall of the State?  THE PEOPLE.

> 	What's needed is  a META-STATE. with JESUS AS PRESIDENT and the
> 	raving lunatic marko dynamite as VICE-PRESIDENT.

Yer getting a little fringe here.  Take a chill pill, Dave.

> 	And no, there's no need for 'congress' cause the 'laws' have
> 	all already been written and they are in THE BIBLE.

You're on a roll!

> 	Last but not leat, the META-STATE will provide FREE homeopatic
> 	mierdicine.

Please, holistic medicine is already (relatively) FREE (because of the
benefits it provides to all).  Holistically!  Sing with me.


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