who are the right people?

Ryan Carboni ryacko at gmail.com
Mon May 1 18:46:02 PDT 2017

Maybe. Maybe not.

But regardless of who is moonlighting for whom, even if it is entirely
unpaid and inadvertent (which beggars some disbelief), this was a top
picture shared on many social media outlets:

Not shown by the mainstream media though.

Who decides for you what to think? Whoever it is, doesn't seem very
trustworthy right now.

Here's a simple law that congress could add that would decuple security:
"copyright is voided for software two years after the end of life, or if
after one year a critical vulnerability is unpatched"
Well, lawyers could go through it and convert it into legalcode for the
judicial architecture to parse.

Personally I am very much in favor of allowing free reverse engineering of
DOS and early Windows products.

Regardless, the most important use of non-government encryption is the
protection of trade secrets (hence the design of portable offline cipher
machines up to the late eighties). The rights of poor people never go into
the calculus of the powerful or the free market.

For some reason, this calculus currently seems to also exclude national
advantage. Everyone is hacking each other, but no one seems to really...

Conclusions are hard to come by in this world for some reason.

What would it take to convince you that your world view was entirely wrong?

What world view could possibly fit the current four-dimensional model of
the world?

How hard would it be to reorient the current network of nonprofits in favor
of privacy to well... improve privacy? Design open source products that are
as secure as an iPhone? How hard is it to see that there's something
seriously wrong with the world?
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