Given that I will likely not be prosecuted, I should reveal my trump card

Ryan Carboni ryacko at
Tue May 30 05:52:49 PDT 2017

During early 2013, when attempting to run puppy linux, I remove the CD, as
I always do. However there is little noticed logic to the operating system,
when you remove the disk after inputting the password it will boot up from
the flash drive's faster newer version, but instead it requested the CD.
The CD was physically similar to the ones I burn. But this event shows that
my CD was replaced, that someone is willing to substitute actual products
for seemingly identical ones.

Given that Puppy Linux has the GNU GPL, if a police organization has a
version of it with a backdoor, they have to disclose it or be in violation
of copyright law.

Given how the government is loathe to disclose secrets, and perhaps even
the ACLU, I will likely not be prosecuted on the basis of any evidence
related to my use of a computer.

Anyway, I should inform you folks how to seize the memes of production. Get
those celebrities who praised Tor to say what the NSA is doing is
excessive, invasive, hurtful, and does not represent the American values
they believe in. Instead of... "the debate". Even if there is a border
search exemption, people should be notified if it is at 100%.

Or go around rebutting the spyshills, telling them that Snowden must be a
senior government official, since despite the efforts of numerous
journalists for a scoop, Snowden disclosed the extent of NSA surveillance

Memes only have to be facially true to the greatest number of people (you
too can be a politician for $0).

"You're free little ones! Run!"
*baa* *baa* *baa*
"They aren't leaving the gate."
"You have to pick them up and place them outside to free them."
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