"a terrible brood of automata" - Steiner on the coming AI and autonomous robotic computer apocalypse

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Tue May 30 05:49:50 PDT 2017

Be warned fellow humans.

This is from a man who spoke nearly 100 years ago, of things we are
yet to see, but which we now agree are entirely foreseeable.

100 years ago computers did not yet exist. Yet the prediction of
their inevitability and the worse things yet to be (quite possibly)

And yes, a hint at an approach or "prescription" if you will to forge
a different pathway into the future.

But who can name such a pathway, even after reading this lecture

Evolution and Extraterrerestials

Rudolf Steiner

A Lecture given at Dornach on May 13, 1921 for members of the
Anthroposophical Society(GA 204)

(From a shorthand report not revised by the lecturer.)

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