British Cunts to Invade All Sense of Internet and Personal Privacy over Manchester, Others to Censor

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Thu May 25 15:27:43 PDT 2017

The UK government looks to be about to put the most egregious parts of
the Investigative Powers Act into force "soon after the election"
(which is in a couple of weeks) in the wake of the recent bombing in
Manchester. "Technical Capability Orders" require tech companies to
break their own security.
The Independent reports: "Government will ask parliament to allow the
use of those powers if Theresa May is re-elected, senior ministers
told The Sun. 'We will do this as soon as we can after the election,
as long as we get back in,' The Sun said it was told by a government
minister. 'The level of threat clearly proves there is no more time to
waste now. The social media companies have been laughing in our faces
for too long.'"
Government officials appear to have briefed newspapers that they will
put many of the most invasive parts of the relatively new
Investigatory Powers Act into effect after the bombing at Manchester

Govt News Briefings - verb - Injecting FUD and Propaganda into Sockpuppets

Don't forget... while the US workslave populace isn't, the US Govt and
Elites were and are a direct fork of the British Imperialist scum...
that was never lost. Magna Carta is firewood to Govts. And the Special
Relationship between Govts is bidirectional... a mutual enablement.
This invasion is coming to the US, beyond what is already in place.

Related, looking at what two massive "arms" deals between Special
Relationship Partners does....

Egypt has banned 21 websites, including the main website of
Qatar-based Al Jazeera television and prominent local independent news
site Mada Masr, accusing them of supporting terrorism and spreading
false news. The blockade is notable in scope and for being the first
publicly recognized by the government. It was heavily criticized by
journalists and rights groups. The state news agency announced it late
on Wednesday. Individual websites had been inaccessible in the past
but there was never any official admission. Reuters found the websites
named by local media and were inaccessible. The move follows similar
actions taken on Wednesday by Egypt's Gulf allies Saudi Arabia and the
United Arab Emirates, which blocked Al Jazeera and other websites
after a dispute with Qatar.
"This is not the typical Egyptian regime attitude," Lina Attalah, the
editor-in-chief of Mada Masr told BuzzFeed News in an interview in
Cairo. "We are used to facing troubles with the regime since we have
always chosen to write the stories they don't like to hear. We are
used to being arrested or have cases filed against us, but blocking us
is a new thing." Mada Masr, since its founding in 2013, has regularly
published critical stories of the regime in both English and Arabic.

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