"Academic Journal" Elsevier Sues For $15M "Piracy"

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Thu May 18 23:20:43 PDT 2017


Elsevier, one of the largest academic publishers, is demanding $15
million in damages from Sci-Hub and LibGen, who make paywalled
scientific research papers freely available to the public [without
permission]. A good chunk of these papers are copyrighted, many by
Elsevier. Elsevier has requested a default judgment of $15 million
against the defendants for their "truly egregious conduct" and
"staggering" infringement. Sci-Hub's efforts are backed by many
prominent scholars, who argue that tax-funded research should be
accessible to everyone. Others counter that the site doesn't
necessarily help the "open access" movement move forward. Sci-Hub's
founder Alexandra Elbakyan defends her position and believes that what
she does is helping millions of less privileged researchers to do
their work properly by providing free access to research results.



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