[RUS] US State Department: Assad burning 10s of 1000s in furnaces

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Thu May 18 17:27:37 PDT 2017

So the USA State Department has officially declared
there's anuddah shoah happing under the world's collective nose, with
tens of thousands being cremated for their sins in Syria.

Of course the obvious questions are being asked by the alternative
media, such as "Why would somebody who has slaughtered 13,000 people
bothered to dig them individual graves on consecrated ground?" and
"why would somebody who is trying to hide 13,000 bodies bury them in
a cemetery -- the one place where dead bodies are usually found?"

But the obvious nearly always escapes the (((MSM))) getting their
collective hard on from tired olde (((sensationalist propaganda))).

Who could ever, ever have predicted this type of behaviour?
I'm shocked, utterly shocked I tell ya!

** Unhinged US Now Claims Assad Is Burning People in Furnaces by the
Tens of Thousands
by RI Staff on Wed, May 17, 2017
Here is something that happened two days ago but we're only reporting
it today....because it left us utterly speechless. The US State
Department has held a press conference where Tillerson's number two
responsible for the Middle East explained with a straight face that
the Syrian government was executing 50 prisoners a day and then
disposing of their bodies in a purpose-built "crematorium".

** Putin Exiles Lavrov to Siberia for Not Divulging Super Sensitive
US Secrets Provided by Trump
by RI Staff on Wed, May 17, 2017
Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is a traitor.  During his
secretive meeting with Donald Trump last week, Lavrov was provided
with thousands of terabytes of top secret information.  Victory!
Except after Lavrov returned to Moscow, he failed to divulge this
super secret information to Putin or Russia's secret services.  As
you can probably imagine, Putin is very upset that Lavrov chose to
withhold so many juicy American secrets from him.  And today Putin
publicly reprimanded Lavrov for betraying the Motherland:

US rejects Putin’s offer of transcript of Trump-Lavrov meeting
US rejects and ridicules unprecedented Russian offer though it offers
the one opportunity of ascertaining beyond all doubt what actually
happened at the meeting between Trump and Lavrov.

(Given the USA spying department's' inability to bug the White House,
Putin's offer of a transcrisp was generous if nothing else...)

In other news, Trump's despotic dictator quotient continues to rise
as America's love for Syria knows no bounds:

Confirmed: America attacks Syrian Arab Army and its allies–a crime
and blunder
According to a US official,
	“The strike did happen. It was against a pro-regime force
	operating in the vicinity of At Tanf. This regime force was
	operating within a well-established de-confliction
	(de-escalation) zone.

	The commander on the ground perceived this force to be a
	threat to coalition forces”.
This is indicative of the fact that Russia does not exceed its
mandate in the conflict which is merely to aid Syria in fighting
terrorism. Russia has no mandate to mediate between let alone
controls parties in Syria. Russia can and will advise but will not
While not directly bound by the letter of the Astana Memorandum,
America is  bound by international law and under international law
the very presence of US military forces in any part of Syria is
totally illegal. This is why today’s event is a war crime.

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