[MONEY] [WAR] [BOLIVIA] - Evo Morales "Banks control the world"

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Tue May 2 20:11:50 PDT 2017

More and more, a few public figures are speaking out. Some spoke
too soon and tried to shift their country "unilaterally against USA/
banks' interests" like Gadhafi/Qaddafi of Lybia and without a proper
unity with other nations/ other peoples.

The forces/ intentions/ powers involved, are too great and too
ruthless for a nation such as Lybia or Syria without support of
another that would support for a "multi polar" "many powers" world,
against the one world order of the Rothschild's one world banking

Evo Morales: take note of the Saddams and the Qaddafis now gone -
your "independence" must be in action with others also obtaining/
retaining their independence, and not alone. This might be stating
the obvious, but the obvious weren't so obvious to Qaddafi, to Saddam
and to many before them.

China has rolled over to the comfort of the IMF and World Bank,
although keeping a toe in with Russia and the BRICS NDB, as well as
hedging with their own AIIB/Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank -
but how independent they are, and how intertwined with the IMF, I
don't know.

Ultimately the current money interests wish to retain their power and
authority, and what we witness appears to be possibly just factional
fighting between the existing "moneyed powers" or authorities, what
some call the "banking families". They fight ruthlessly, and
completely unfairly, at every turn.

So, what are the binds/ intertwining of the NDB and the AIIB?

Are these entities beneficial in the long term, or are we witnessing
mere factional fights and nothing more than the long term persistence
of the enslavement of humanity?

Can digital currencies generate "faith" in their "reality" enough to
shift the enslavement (debt based) regime on this planet for any
significant number of humans?

Are there enough humans even considering such long term questions and
considerations to be able to effect any significant shift?

** Bolivia Drops Truth Bomb: Independent Monetary Policy Is Key to
National Sovereignty
by RI Staff on Tue, May 2, 2017
Bolivia is one of the few countries left on Earth that has the
cojones to tell it like it is.  We witnessed some much needed
truth-telling last month when Bolivia's ambassador to the UN
deconstructed Nikki Haley's word goo at the Security Council: "Now
the United States believe that they are investigators, they are
attorneys, judges and they are the executioners ... The unilateral
actions are imperialistic actions. The USA is not interested in
international law; they ignore it when it is inconvenient to them".
But this was just a warm-up lap.

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