McAfee: Everyone's a faggot, and so can you

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Mon May 1 07:56:15 PDT 2017

>inb4 "muh anti-islamj00++merikkkans" LARPing

John McAfee, with the help of MGT [0], is building a "truly private smartphone". Nigger added switches on the back to physically disconnect the battery, camera, and microphone, as well as the antennas for WiFi, Bluetooth, & geolocation. No speaker switch, tho.

With articles titled 'John McAfee’s ‘hack-proof’ phone is doomed to fail' it seems this fucker is headed down the correct path.

Some quotes from the lungenpresse:
>> None of this sounds like it’ll make a meaningful difference for users.""
>> Hardware isn’t the problem when it comes to mobile privacy.""
>> Privacy-focused hardware just isn’t that good of a business.""
>> The market is already saturated with privacy phone failures.""

Lol, these pozzed faggots can into journalism.

Hardware has everything to do with security, software has everything to do with insecurity.”"
-John McAfee

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