Re: Putin: "You get a land! And you get a land! And you get a land! Everybody gets a land!"

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  Everybody gets a land!" 

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>> pro-russian propaganda
> What is wrong with Russia ?

> So fuck off to siberia and farm some strawberries.

Read it. He intends to do it in all regions.
Ps. I just read black folk in the US gave up on waiting for their 40 acres and mule and there's a movement to begin expropriating land by force.

> Putin Becomes First President To Give Free Land
> To All Citizens Willing To Farm:
> - - - -
> Russian President Vladimir Putin has become the first world leader to
> offer every single citizen a free hectare of land in any part of Russia.
> Putin has agreed to expand a program that offers citizens land in
> Russia’s Far East to all of the country’s regions.
> The President discussed his plans during a Q&A session on Thursday,
> saying that he believes there is so much land in Russia that everybody
> should be entitled to a piece of it.
> “There is enough land in Russia. Forty-three million hectares of
> farmland alone are not used for their intended purpose. These are huge,
> just huge land reserves,” Putin said.
> Under the Russian version of the Homestead Act, every citizen can get a
> free hectare of land in the Far East, if they are willing to put it to
> good use. Within the first year, the recipients must declare how they
> want to use the land, and, in three years, must report on how it is
> being developed. After five years, the land can be sold or leased.
> Some 93,000 applications have been received since the program was
> launched in June of last year and nearly 20,000 of those have been approved.
> The regions with free land on offer include Yakutia, Kamchatka,
> Chukotka, Primorye, Khabarovsk, Amur, Magadan, and Sakhalin, as well as
> the Jewish Autonomous Region. The land can be used for any lawful
> purpose, but the new owners cannot rent, sell, or give the land away for
> five years.
> Foreigners are also eligible to use the land, but the registration of
> full property rights is only possible after the recipient becomes a
> naturalized citizen.

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