[WAR] [RUS] the cat IS out of the bag - USA asked when will their "deep state" stop sponsoring ISIS

\0xDynamite dreamingforward at gmail.com
Tue Jun 13 05:59:59 PDT 2017

> OK TLA deep state leakers, pepe awaits your world-patriotic duty
> to support the ongoing exposure (nothing new in this case) of the
> USA's deep state agencies' funding, training and other direct and
> indirect support for, various chaotic and "normal human"-killing
> groups (which might be termed in some quarters "terrorists",
> although such is an entirely ambiguous term due to the very nature
> of the government we are attempting to further expose here).

Listen, ANYTHING related to ISIS and the Middle East (outside the hunt
for Osama) is directly due to the science establishment, NOT the TLAs.
The scientific establishment NEGATES their truth, putting them in
continual distress and meta-immune-system disorder.  Believe in
Biblical truth and ISIS problems (and others) go away.  Try it.  It's
an experiment.

Hence, 9-11.


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