Are you also a Soviet Spy

TrumpJizz44 trumpjizz44 at
Sun Jun 11 09:49:00 PDT 2017

> John Young jya at
> Sat Jun 3 06:12:37 PDT 2017
> To associate only with people you agree with,
> pillory those you don't, is a surefire way
> to remain ignorant

You MAGA now ?

> cowardly dictators who promise greatness to
> propaganda-addled weaklings.

Hope = propaganda.

> Crypto the early opioid,

Architect.  Can't into metaphors.

> Trump's MAGA-methadone dispensary

Ibogaine, MDMA, Psilocybin are much more effective at reversing severe
addictions.  Even to (((alcohol))), John.

> those incapable of remaining sober

President Trump is sober.

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