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>         Roger Ver (BU) vs Tone Vays (SegWit) - Bitcoin Scaling Debate
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Average Bitcoin transaction fee is now above five dollars. 80% of the
world population lives on less than $10 a day. So much for "banking
the unbanked." (self.btc)

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80% of Bitcoin's potential user base, and the group that stands to
benefit the most from global financial inclusion, are now priced out
of using Bitcoin. Very sad that it's come to this.

edit: since this post is trending on /r/all, I'll share some
background info for the new people here:

Former Bitcoin developers Jeff Garzik and Gavin Andresen explain what
the group of coders who call themselves "Bitcoin Core" are doing:

Another former Bitcoin developer, Mike Hearn, explains how the Bitcoin
project was hijacked:

One of the key methods used to hijack the Bitcoin project is the
egregious censorship of the /r/bitcoin subreddit:
Reddit admins know and choose to do nothing. Just yesterday I had my
post censored for linking to the Bitcoin whitepaper in /r/bitcoin:

The vast majority of old-school bitcoin users still believe that
Bitcoin should be affordable, fast, and available to everyone. Bitcoin
development was captured by a bank-funded corporation called
Blockstream who literally believe that the more expensive and
difficult to transact Bitcoin is, the more valuable it will be
(because they apparently think that cost and difficulty of use are the
defining characteristics of gold). Just a couple of days ago the CEO
of Blockstream re-affirmed that he thinks even $100 transaction fees
on Bitcoin are acceptable:

This subreddit, /r/btc, is where most of us old timers hang out since
we are now mostly banned and censored from posting on /r/bitcoin. That
subreddit has become a massive tool for pulling the wool over the eyes
of new users and organizing coordinated character assasinations
against any prominent individual who speaks out against their status
quo. It was revealed that the Blockstream/Core group of developers
even have secret chat groups alongside the moderators of /r/bitcoin
for coordinating their trolling campaigns in:

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