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Who cares?

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> I'm shocked I tell you, truly shocked, that McDonalds has been
> serving Gay-unfriendly fries for so long, indeed 77 years no less!
> I'm surprised that McDs is so open about their White Supremacist past
> - I thought they hired better PR agencies.
> Oh well, the things we learn.
> <no dry humour intended, only literal interpretations allowed;
>  we're all asburger's spectrum around McDonalds anyway...>
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> Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2017 17:09:57 +1000
> Subject: McDonald launches gay friendly fries to back Washington DC’s Gay
> Pride parade.
> It’s irritating enough when food corporations pander to Muslims with their
> Halal demands, now we have McDonald’s supporting the LGBTI agenda with
> their politically correct “gay friendly” fries. What’s next on McDonald’s
> menu: a “Big Gay” burger to go with their gay fries?
> Is this another example of corporate social engineering? McDonald’s
> deserves to be boycotted for this public relations stunt, not to mention
> its awful food.
> Jim
> McDonald’s launches gay friendly fries to back Washington DC’s Gay Pride
> parade
> Ian Horswill, News Corp Australia Network
> June 8, 2017
> 2Fpromo320702058&width=650&api_key=kq7wnrk4eun47vz9c5xuj3mc
> Video <
> industries/mcdonald-launches-gay-friendly-fries-to-back-
> washington-dcs-gay-pride-parade/news-story/c76dc191ff986307bb6badf5fd874b
> 48>  IRELAND: Ireland's Conservative Ruling Party Elects Country's First
> Openly Gay Leader June 02
> FAST food giant McDonald’s is changing the way it presents its fries for
> customers for just three days — and it’s sparked an online debate across
> the globe.
> To mark the annual Gay Pride parade in Washington DC <
> washingtondc> , the US capital city, on Saturday (local time), McDonald’s
> has announced that it will offer gay friendly fries to customers. Rainbow
> print fry boxes will be used for large-sized orders at three specific
> locations along the Capital Pride Alliance <
> events/parade-2017/> ’s parade route.
> McDonald’s is also a sponsor of the Capital Pride Alliance, which is
> dedicated to LGBTQ education and outreach, and also has a float in the
> parade.
> “The rainbow fry boxes are a fun way to show our support of the LGBTQ
> community using one of McDonald’s most iconic and recognisable items;
> however, these fry boxes are ‘small potatoes’ in the grand scheme of our
> commitment to this community,” said Cathy Martin, vice president/general
> manager of McDonald’s Baltimore-Washington Region.
> “We are proud to honour and celebrate the LGBTQ community, including our
> employees, customers and beyond, each and every day.”
> The decision to introduce gay friendly fries has caused an online debate.
> Evangelist Joshua Feuerstein, a former paster who has more than two
> million followers on his  <>
> Facebook page, called for a boycott of McDonald’s.
>  <
> 443484622420892.1073741828.443476065755081/1042489449187070/?type=3>
> Feuerstein also slammed department store giants Macy’s pro-LGBT campaign,
> writing: “Well ... Macy’s decided to push the gay agenda! Looks like they
> lost my business too! It’s time to boycott businesses that push the
> homosexual agenda. Click SHARE and let others know ... let them feel it in
> their pocketbook!”
> However, his boycott call also caused angst.
>  <>
> June is LGBT Pride Month <>
> in the US and the former President Barack Obama supported the LGBT
> community annually with proclamations. President Donald Trump and his White
> House will not recognise it this year.
> Source:
> industries/mcdonald-launches-gay-friendly-fries-to-back-
> washington-dcs-gay-pride-parade/news-story/c76dc191ff986307bb6badf5fd874b
> 48
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