Are you also a Soviet Spy

juan juan.g71 at
Mon Jun 5 02:11:20 PDT 2017

On Mon, 5 Jun 2017 18:43:28 +1000
"James A. Donald" <jamesd at> wrote:

> >> They are "potential" in that person A does not know that person B
> >> is actual fellow member of the ingroup.
> On 2017-06-05 16:54, juan wrote:
> > 	so to make this a bit more clear, person A is a 'newbie' and
> > 	person B is a grand wizard...
> No.
> You are a moron, or else you are willfully misunderstanding my
> entirely plain words.

	Funny - if there's a misunderstanding it's not willfull on my
	part. So, from my point of view, you are a moron who can't
	coherently explain whatever he's trying to explain.



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