Are you also a Soviet Spy

John Young jya at
Sat Jun 3 06:12:37 PDT 2017

To associate only with people you agree with, pillory those you 
don't, is a surefire way to remain ignorant and malleable by cowardly 
dictators who promise greatness to propaganda-addled weaklings.

Cypherpunks is no stranger to appeals from monomaniacs offering 
special leadership to doltish followers. Crypto the early opioid, 
with a stewpot of empowering, intoxicating pharmas thereafter, though 
the latest appear to be bots drumming simplistic slogans of left, 
right, patriot, commie.

NYTimes today front pages Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, hooligans, 
screamers, reins loosened by Trump's MAGA-methadone dispensary to 
those incapable of remaining sober, unable to function without 
violence in word and deed -- that is, ideological robots, aka spies 
cloaked by manipulating secrecy.

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