For Your Eyes Only...

Razer g2s at
Thu Jun 1 11:21:49 PDT 2017

On 06/01/2017 08:05 AM, Shawn K. Quinn wrote:
> On 06/01/2017 09:29 AM, Razer wrote:
>> #!wC4CQAyC!IePufl0noDhv9AfpgpQb9EYQCrfVMtZCn7pi2wfOJPM
>> !wC4CQAyC!IePufl0noDhv9AfpgpQb9EYQCrfVMtZCn7pi2wfOJPM
>> wC4CQAyC!IePufl0noDhv9AfpgpQb9EYQCrfVMtZCn7pi2wfOJPM
>> The provided key is invalid...
> Worked for me. Try this in your BitTorrent client instead:
> magnet:?xt=urn:btih:59c850afc37d23f1da7d926d76bd58a5135d37da&dn=THE-SECRET-TEAM.pdf

Added a tracker but no seeds available. However, I figured out the
problem. Either Noscript or Ublock origin was interfering. Both had been
set to ignore Mega... I noticed a flash of an internal page (not in
Firefox history) saying "gecko 'something or other'" before the Mega
page loaded , and when I disabled them temporarily the gecko and Mega
error didn't appear and the file downloaded. FWIW Firefox doesn't
display that behavior when I download from my own account's links.


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