[WAR] Trump emotionally impulsive (if not psychotic) even in war

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Mon Jun 26 16:32:16 PDT 2017

This is an intriguing insight into perhaps one of the significant
foundations of Germany's (thus the EU's) quite public and recent
split from the USA - for example with the EU declaring they shall
become their own military bloc sooner or later.  Throw in the Nord
Stream 2 gas pipeline between Russia and Germany (and the USA trying
to block it and insert their own high priced gas to prop up the US$ a
little longer) and it's no wonder Germany and the EU are doing the
runner, France leading the pack publicly.

The article only really grabs about half way through, but somewhere
there it becomes a WTF moment, notwithstanding the "military",
"advisers" and "sources" on which it is allegedly written.

The inescapable irony is the POTUS who coined "the very fake news
network" only to inescapably conduct himself (quite recklessly) based
on the "main stream media fake news networks", if indeed this is not
just German propaganda to jab a thumb in the USA's eye - however, the
quotes and assertions are compelling, coming across as factual.

What a world ..

Sy Hersh Bombshell: US Knew No Sarin in Syria 'Gas Attack', Trump
Bombed Anyway

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