[WAR] [RUS] the cat IS out of the bag - USA asked when will their "deep state" stop sponsoring ISIS

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Tue Jun 13 04:07:09 PDT 2017

Russia’s President and Iran’s Supreme Leader both accuse US of
sponsoring terrorism


Like candidate Donald Trump, Putin and Khamenei understand that the
US is the 'founder of ISIS'.

OK TLA deep state leakers, pepe awaits your world-patriotic duty
to support the ongoing exposure (nothing new in this case) of the
USA's deep state agencies' funding, training and other direct and
indirect support for, various chaotic and "normal human"-killing
groups (which might be termed in some quarters "terrorists",
although such is an entirely ambiguous term due to the very nature
of the government we are attempting to further expose here).

The USA, in the guise of the CIA and other TLAs, religiously
justifies their despotic means, with the flimsy and brutish
justification of "the continuation of the USA's hegemonic power".

Times are a changing, yet the more every individual can do to speed
up the changes afoot towards a multi-polar world, and ultimately to
a world where (peaceful) conscientious objectors are not only not
criminalized, but heralded by the media for the conscientious stands
they take.

Good luck fellow humans,

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