[WAR] Theresa May: "Bombs don’t kill people, memes kill people"

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Sun Jun 4 15:55:59 PDT 2017

Yeah yeah, bombs don't kill people, memes kill people.

You know, because "people bitching on Facebook are the root cause of
terrorism, rather than a foreign policy which ships young men to
Libya in order to fight with al-Qaeda and by extrapolation with NATO
troops against the then secular government of Libya".

	Theresa May she save stupidity from the wrath of logic.

	Theresa May, the butcher of Logicya.

Politicians: that perfidious breed of humans who shun dignity, logic
and even sanity, for a few extra sjeckels in the coffers of their
Military Industrial Banking Spying Corporation overlords.

Besides, what's a few million dead brown children between Western
politicians bombing for their (((banking overlords))) anyway?

** Theresa May is a Communist on free speech–Jeremy Corbyn a
pragmatist about terrorism
Is internet censorship Theresa May's Ceaușescu moment?

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