[WAR] "It is easy to blame the dead for our own weakness"

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Fri Jun 2 17:18:55 PDT 2017

In this interview, historian Milos Kovic (Serbia) speaks plainly re
human nature, and our tendency to blame our fathers and grandfathers,
other countries, the past, anyone and anything but acknowledge the
weakness that we live within, perhaps that we try ever so futilely to
hide from.

Be the greatest you that you can be. Make only your loved ones proud,
even if only in their hindsight of your life lived. Eat your frogs

** The future belongs to those who do not surrender
Compared to our ancestors, we are really distinguished by cowardice,
fatalistic passivity and laziness. All this, however, can change

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