An examination of the Tor fork hullabaloo

Razer g2s at
Wed Jul 26 07:47:43 PDT 2017

On 07/25/2017 08:47 PM, Ryan Carboni wrote:

> Andrea Shepard mentions that the Tor fork stinks of Russia psyops

Andrea Shepherd stinks of psyops:

> "WIRED couldn't independently verify the stories on the website
> created by Appelbaum's accusers, who used pseudonyms, nor determine
> the creator of the site itself. But Andrea Shepard, a Berlin-based
> developer co-worker of Appelbaum's at the Tor Project, says the site
> was created by a "longtime member of the Tor community" whom she knows
> and trusts. Shepard also says she's spoken directly with one of
> Appelbaum's alleged victims, who told Shepard in February of this year
> that Appelbaum had raped him or her. "Sadly...I think it's the damn
> truth. He's a charismatic, socially dominant manipulator," Shepard
> writes to WIRED. "I absolutely believe the accusers."

And I think I've had just about enough of "Ryan Carboni".



On 07/25/2017 08:47 PM, Ryan Carboni wrote:
> Andrea Shepard mentions that the Tor fork stinks of Russia psyops (
> ). It
> obviously failed.
> How would the next time succeed? This Tor fork operation likely failed
> because it did not take into account obvious measures of status, if
> Joshua Yabut had joined Tor and made contributions and gained social
> capital before the crisis, he would be more likely to succeed and draw
> a following by splitting off at the moment of crisis. He did things in
> the wrong order. Interestingly, he was NASA Red Team, or cyber counter
> intelligence, much like the creator of Encyclopedia Dramatica, but I
> digress.
> But Joshua Yabut has an obvious connection to the US Army, former
> infantry. There have been many suspicious events involving the US
> Army's history. McCarthy's investigation of Communist subversion
> failed when he went after the army (more obscure voices will point to
> another investigation into another agency). Lee Harvey Oswald was in
> the navy before defecting to Russia, there were allegations that he
> provided information that allowed the U-2 to be shot down. More
> recently, CIA militias in Syria are fighting Pentagon militias in
> Syria (
> ). There are also allegations that the Pentagon sabotaged the State
> Department's peace deal with Russia. This has been characterized many
> ways, Cowboy vs Yankee War, Moldbug's Red Empire vs Blue Empire. There
> is certainly some sort of internal antagonism being played out in the
> world.
> Regardless, nothing is quite what it seems, and searching for the
> truth is unrewarding. Better to find it at the bottom of a bottle.
> P.S. I wonder how many times Zerodium pays for the same exploit from
> different researchers. Afterall, if they stiff a researcher, they can
> always alert the maintainers of the code, if they aren't one themselves.
> P.P.S. How much does it cost to have a botnet untraceably DDOS Tor?

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