[RUS] Malorossiya (LittleRussia) - folks attempting to peacefully stabilize their lives with new mini-state

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Tue Jul 18 20:02:18 PDT 2017

Of course Germany and France condemn the potential loss of their
billions in loan money (to enslave Ukraine, which was the original
plan for the coup all along...), which billion$ were so spectacularly
pilfered by the oh-so-honourable Ukroligarchs.

Colour me suprised - it's like, who could have predicted this:


"Cry, cry, we want our money back, wah, wah wah!"

Save it for the grave of the EU, Germany and France, save it for the
grave - you thought funding putsch pushing neo nazi battalions raping
and pillaging those who were defending their homes and their lives
was a -good- idea, and would somehow ensure stability of your loan

Damn, that's hysterical :D

Take your Jewish debt-slave system and stick it up a ziotruck

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