In America, Most Republicans Think Colleges Are Bad for the Country - education, intellect, and or liberal arts, a threat

Marina Brown catskillmarina at
Tue Jul 18 05:29:59 PDT 2017

On 07/17/2017 05:38 AM, John Young wrote:
> Education is affirmation of the status quo in all nations.
> And a negation of otherness. Military, spies and secrecy,
> blessed by national security blind faith, assures heads in
> the sand are patriotic, and raising heads out of the sand
> is treason ("terrorism").

<sarcasm>I am sure that people would function in society better with no
education whatsoever. they would be free to reinvent the wheel,
mathematics, chemistry and history with no reference to the past.
Imagine what people would come up with !</sarcasm>

Yes, there is an element of conformity in education but there is some
exposure to thought that is counter to the status quo. I know you are
not uneducated but i am getting tired of people - even left wing
millenials saying that education has no value.

> Lopping heads by cutlass or curricula or UAVs, or as here,
> stuffing them with incessant propaganda of URLism, is why
> good soldiers and best-and-brightest make conjoined heads
> PR, aka comical faux wisdom.
> Spies may be the most stupid people on earth, totally isolated
> by trained, indoctrinated terror of otherness, aka brain-laundered.
> At 09:27 PM 7/16/2017, you wrote:
>> On Mon, Jul 17, 2017 at 11:24:05AM +1000, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
>> > This classic interview with an ex-KGB officer shall forever go down
>> > in history as oh so poignant:
>> >
>> >   Ex-KGB officer Yuri Bezmenov Explains United States Targeted Public
>> >   Schools for Change
>> >
>> >   (17 minutes)
>> Here's the full version of Yuri's interview - for those who have a
>> heart, the truth presented is both unmistakably true, and deeply
>> saddening:
>> Former KGB Agent Yuri Bezmenov Explains How to Brainwash a Nation
>> (Full Length)
>> (81 minutes, 11 seconds)

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